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The End?

Briefing: Do you believe we are living in the end times?

Dispatch (Assignment): Read Romans 13:11, Matthew 24:36-51 and Matthew 25:1-13.

On the Street: I think every generation since Jesus resurrection has believed they were living in the last days. This is not bad as the Bible tells us to live our lives as if living in the end times. We need to have that since of urgency about Jesus’ return, like being on a sinking ship and trying to save as many people as you can. The difference being we are not trying to save people from drowning in water but from drowning in the fires of Hell.

Paul tells us in verse eleven, “The hour has come for you to wake up from your slumber.” The imagery is not flattering. We are a people who have fallen asleep while waiting for the master’s return. Revelation 16:15 is written specifically about the last days. In it Jesus says, “Behold, I come like a thief! Blessed is he who stays awake and keeps his clothes with him, so that he may not go naked and be shamefully exposed.” There is also a great parable Jesus gives on this exact situation. It is found in Matthew 24:36-51. We must be awake and alert. Jesus is coming back soon and we must be ready.

Jesus calls us to be prepared for His return. In Matthew 25:1-13 He gives us another parable about staying awake and being ready. It is called the parable of the ten virgins. Again, this parable is too long to add to this devotional but you need to read it. In short, there are ten virgins who are waiting for the bridegroom to come out to meet them. It takes much longer than they were expecting and day turns to night. They all brought lamps but five of them ran out of oil and had no more light. These five had to go and try to find oil but in the meantime the bridegroom returned. When they returned they had missed their opportunity to go in and feast with the bridegroom because they were not prepared.

The last part of verse eleven says, “because our salvation is nearer now than when we first believed.” Being unprepared and falling asleep will not go well. There are several actions we can take right now that will move us from a state of unpreparedness and sleep to being awake and ready. We have to have a since of urgency because Jesus’ return will be soon. We must start, or continue, to read the Bible daily. This is our survival guide on how to get prepared and how to save others. We must share the good news of Jesus Christ with all of those in our sphere of influence. Think of it as being able to throw a life preserver to someone who is drowning vs. helplessly watching them drown and not being about to help in any way.

Investigational Resources: Matthew 24:36-51 and Matthew 25:1-13.

Officer Safety Principle: The end is coming. The ship is sinking and lots of people are going to die in their sins. Are you in a position to help them? Are you ready?

from The Book of Romans Through the Eyes of a Cop
©by Charles Gilliland. Used by permission.
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