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Set Apart

Briefing: “Set apart”; this is the terminology Paul uses to describe his calling from God. It was familiar language to the people of his day and culture. Law Enforcement officers are also called and set apart for the responsibilities we assume as Peace Officers.

Dispatch (Assignment): Read Romans 1:1 and discuss or write down your ideas about what it means to be set apart as a law enforcement officer.

On the Street: This term Paul uses to introduce Romans is extremely important. “Set apart” is the foundation on which we will build this devotional. You can’t afford to miss out on the significance of this thought.

The Hebrew/Jewish people were always different. God wanted them to be recognized as different from all other people on earth. He was not interested in them being a different skin color, hair color or anything to do with physical appearance. God wanted them to act different, talk different and think different. His desire for them, and us, is for people to recognize we are “set apart” in the way we live and the God we worship. This was absolutely critical to God’s plan and Paul understood this.

No one has to tell you that law enforcement officers are different from the rest of society. You stand out because of the job you do. People watch you hoping to catch you doing something wrong. You rush into dangerous situations that other people are desperate to flee from.

We are going to look at Romans from the eyes of a cop/LEO. We too are called to be different, set apart. We wear a uniform, badge and gun. (*Disclaimer – I am not saying that our call to law enforcement will grant us salvation and eternity in heaven. Only Jesus Christ can give us that free gift.) The point we will make with this study is that, like Christianity, service in law enforcement is a lifestyle that is set apart. The life of a law enforcement officer parallels the life of a Christ follower. The comparisons are undeniable and revealing. At the conclusion of this study on Romans, my prayer is that you will see that God is using your position in law enforcement to bring you into a relationship with Him.

In Acts 9:15, God called Paul a “chosen instrument” (NIV). God had a job for Paul to do. I believe law enforcement officers are also chosen instruments of God. He wired us to have this desire to enforce the law, help people in need and be a public servant. In other words, God set you apart to be a peace officer.

Investigational Resources: 1 Peter, chapter 2.

Officer Safety Principle: Anyone who serves in law enforcement already has an understanding of what it means to live a life that is set apart. The difference between being a righteous peace officer and being a Christian is who or whom we serve.

from The Book of Romans Through the Eyes of a Cop
©by Charles Gilliland. Used by permission.
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