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God is Involved

Briefing: Having worked in law enforcement for a while, I have had an abundance of supervisors. I’ve had good supervisors and bad supervisors; some who were very involved and some whose involvement was nonexistent.

Dispatch (Assignment): Read Psalm 99.

On the Street: From my experience, the best supervisors are involved. They are not just involved in your calls but involved in your life. They know the names of your spouse and kids. They know what you like and what sets you off. They know how you handle calls and what to expect from your reports. An involved supervisor knows your voice and can tell from your radio transmissions if you are stressed and need help or if everything is okay. One of the most important and telling characteristics of an involved supervisor is his/her level of commitment to their officers.

People at every level want a supervisor who they can respect and trust. We all want someone who is genuine and sincere.

This psalm is filled with good news. We have a God that is involved. He cares for us, He is genuine and true, and can be trusted. He is perfect in every way and we never have to worry about Him making a mistake. He knows the intentions of our heart and sees beyond our mistakes and what happened in our past.

If you were talking to your supervisor and the chief walked in, would the supervisor put you on hold because someone with more rank walked in? God would not, He sees us all as equally important. He wants to listen to you. Verse 6 and 7 say, “Moses and Aaron were among His priests, Samuel was among those who called on His name; they called on the Lord and He answered them. He spoke to them from the pillar of cloud; they kept His statutes and the decrees He gave them.” These men were no different from you and me. They spoke to God and He listened.

“Lord our God, you answered them; you were to Israel a forgiving God, though you punished their misdeeds.” Just like an involved parent does, He listens to his children, He forgives them, but He will discipline them to correct their behavior. This is what an involved parent does. This is what an involved supervisor does. This is what an involved God does. He sets the example for us to follow.

How do we follow this example? If you are a peace officer, you may not have officers that you supervise. This does not mean you are without an opportunity to be an involved leader. Your position as a law enforcement officer gives you authority and you carry out this example to the people in your community. Being involved is a natural part of brotherly love. If you truly love your brother/neighbor/community, then you will want to be involved with them. When they recognize your involvement and honesty, they get a glimpse of God’s love.

Investigational Resources: Hebrews 11:20.

Officer Safety Principle: This is what God expects from His officers, deputies, and agents. He has called us to love, serve, and be involved.

from Psalms Through the Eyes of a Cop, Volume 2
©by Charles Gilliland. Used by permission.
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