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Good Enough?

Briefing: Law Enforcement is a noble profession full of men and women who were called to do the job, right? Isn’t that why we are called “New York’s Finest, Chicago’s Finest, Houston’s Finest, Oakland’s Finest, etc?”

Dispatch (Assignment): Have you ever taken the Good Person test? It can be found at I highly suggest taking the test. Read Romans 4.

On the Street: Let’s say you have read all the Romans devotionals up to now and are still saying, “I’m a good person? I can make it on my own, I don’t need anyone’s help. I AM A GOOD PERSON!!!” As Paul wrote Romans, he seems to pause here in chapter four to make sure all understood this point. No man can be good enough.

Good people do good works. Isn’t that what makes them a good person? So, if you are claiming to be a good person, you better have your resume ready to prove it. We can’t just take your word for it, we need evidence. That is why law enforcement officers have to video everything except bathroom breaks. We don’t trust them anymore and their word is not good enough.

We should also define what is good. It is not a set of scales that weigh good versus bad and if the good outweighs the bad then you are good enough. No, the standard of good is absolute perfection. No mistakes, no sin. Jesus Himself said that no one is good except God. You cannot perform enough good works to be good enough.

Think of the difference between a sworn, full time law enforcement officer and a non-paid reserve officer. They both put on the uniform and do the good works that the job requires. They may look the same, act the same, even have the same desires and goals to protect and serve their community. One major difference is the full time law enforcement officer commits to living a life devoted to uphold righteousness. He/she is a peace officer twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. It is not just a commitment to ride out once or twice a month. (Please understand this illustration, I have nothing against reserve officers, I am only using this example to make a point.)

When the full time law enforcement officer comes to the end of his/her career there is a reward at the end, retirement. The part time-reserve officer does not receive this benefit.

The person who commits their life to Christ knows it is a lifetime commitment. Good works don’t save them, but they are required of them once they belong to God. At the end of their life their reward is salvation in Jesus Christ, not because of all the good works they did but because they gave their life to Christ and lived a life serving Him out of obedience. Someone who lives a good life and does good works but never gives their life to Christ does not get the retirement (salvation) at the end of their tour of duty.

Have you committed to following Jesus Christ for the rest of your life? He has work for you to do, He has called you into this profession for a reason.

Investigational Resources: Romans 3:21-26.

Officer Safety Principle: The law can’t save you, believe it or not, you are not innocent. You need Jesus to save you. He is the only one who can.

from The Book of Romans Through the Eyes of a Cop
©by Charles Gilliland. Used by permission.
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