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Absolute Truth

Briefing: Is there anything in this world that is absolute? When Pilate was speaking with Jesus he asked Him, “What is truth?”

Dispatch (Assignment): Read Psalm 93.

On the Street: This is a very short psalm but it has some amazing statements. In verse 1 it says, “He is robed in majesty”. I love the thought of this. God is so holy that majesty naturally comes from Him. He is clothed in majesty, He is majesty. Webster’s Dictionary says majesty is, “greatness, grandeur. 1. Loftiness of appearance; dignity; grandeur; stateliness; nobility.” When you think of God, do you visualize these characteristics?

The last part of verse 1 says, “the world is established, firm and secure.” In this culture, we are seeing some amazing events. Nature is putting on a show. We are having more volcanoes than ever before (*1). The number of wildfires, floods, earthquakes, tornadoes, tsunamis, and hurricanes seem to be increasing. I researched this and found several articles where scientists admit we have had more natural disasters in recent years but will not commit to saying the increase is abnormal.

The only reason this matters is because the way we look at natural disasters tells a lot about our trust and reliance on God’s Word. Some people say humanity is destroying the planet with global warming and pollution. Bible-believing Christians usually try to see what God’s Word says about it; “the world is established, firm and secure.” God is in total control of what is happening and nothing has caught Him off guard.

Verse 2 says, “Your throne was established long ago; you are from all eternity.” This sounds like a summary of Genesis 1. From all eternity tells me God was in eternity past and is in eternity future. God was in the beginning and will be in the end. In Revelation 22:13 He says, “I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End.”

Verse 5 states, “Your statutes, LORD, stand firm;” According to Webster’s Dictionary, statutes are established rules or laws. In this case, they are laws established by God. These are truths. Aside from God’s Word, there are not many truths in the world today. Laws change, opinion changes, and definitions change. As long as we try to live by man’s law, our culture and society will sway in the wind with no consistency.

The only truth that remains true is God’s Word. I use to think, because I was taught, the compass always pointed to true north. It would never change and it could always be counted on. I was told if you were ever lost you could take a magnetic compass and a map and find your way home. I read recently (*2) the earth’s North magnetic pole moves at a rate of 10 kilometers per year but over the last several years it has changed directions and has started to move faster. True north is not true. North is still in the general direction it has been but it is not an absolute truth.

This is actually encouraging and confirms my belief that the only truth is found in God alone. He is our compass that points to the only home that matters, heaven.

Investigational Resources: Genesis chapter 1, John 1:1-18.

Officer Safety Principle: What is your truth? Put your trust in God and only God. He is the only truth.

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from Psalms Through the Eyes of a Cop, Volume 2
©by Charles Gilliland. Used by permission.
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